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AS Mary Pull

In March of 2018, I flew to Georgia for my grandson’s wedding.  While sitting in the terminal and waiting to board, I met a lady who also was traveling to Georgia to visit family. 


Upon entering the airplane, three seats on each side of the plane, I spotted a row with one gentleman on the aisle seat and asked him if the two of us could sit next to him. My new friend is a convert to Catholicism from a Lutheran background. We learned later that the gentleman was also a Lutheran but no longer attended church.


My new friend and I continued to share our faith experiences, discussed our families and our children. She noticed and admired my TAU cross. She asked what the ‘T’ meant.  So, I shared information about Saint Francis of Assisi and the Franciscan Associate Relationship. 


Well, we were like two giggling women going on and on about our faith, our families and the various programs we have experienced.


The gentleman on the aisle seat was listening to these two excited women go on and on about GOD and how important the Trinity is in our lives.


Before the trip was over, the gentleman asked if he could join our conversation. He shared about his family, divorce and was saddened about his lack of involvement in his church. Then the three of us prayed together and he promised to call his mom and GO to church with her.


My friend and I are still communicating through email and messaging.  As soon as possible, we promised to meet somewhere halfway to continue to grow in our friendship. 


This experience confirms to me as to why I wear my TAU Associate Cross whenever I am available to the public. 


I often hear, are you from Texas or Tennessee?  What kind of wood is that cross?


Are you some sort of a nun?


I am so moved by the words of Saint Francis to spread the Gospel and only use words when necessary.  I am not schooled in theology nor do I necessarily have a quick answer to questions. 


BUT, truthfully, something happens in my heart when I receive a question regarding my TAU Cross.  I immediately pray for wisdom and a loving heart that I may answer clearly.  Honestly, JOY just bubbles up and the entire encounter is truly a blessing.  Some people want more answers and others are satisfied with basic answers and we all move on.  


  • And so I tell myself: Always be open to the leading of the HOLY SPIRIT. 
  • Always be ready to share my faith.
  • Always Praise the LORD for all the exciting moments in my daily life. Amen!





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