Love, Mysticism and the New Cosmology

June 26 (7 p.m.) – June 28 (noon), 2015
St. Francis Hall, St. Francis Convent

Adeline KrollThe Franciscan Sisters of Little Falls invite the public to attend a weekend retreat entitled, “Love, Mysticism and the New Cosmology,” which will be held from Friday, June 26 (7 p.m.) – Sunday, June 28 (noon), in St. Francis Hall at St. Francis Convent, Little Falls.

Sister Ade Kroll, OSF, retreat presenter, will assist participants in exploring the new cosmology of the new Universe Story, making connections to the mystical tradition. The story invites a deeper and larger understanding of an unfolding, ever increasing Love. Pope Francis said, “The world was created from a Principle of Love.”  Each being expands that expression of Love. Come and experience awe and wonder in a living God still unfolding as LOVE in new ways, creating the psychic energy we need to renew the face of the Earth. 

For more information, or to register by June 8, contact the Franciscan Life Center at (320)632-0680 or email


The Wisdom of Saint Francis of Assisi: A great way of perceiving and living life in the 21st century

July 10 (7 p.m.) – July 16 (noon), 2015

St. Francis Hall, St. Francis Convent


Sr. Kathy WarrenThe Franciscan Sisters of Little Falls invite you to join them for the retreat entitled, The Wisdom of St. Francis of Assisi: A Great Way of Perceiving and Living Life in the 21st Century, on Friday, July 10 (7p.m.) – Thursday, July 16 (12 noon), 2015, at St. Francis Convent, Little Falls.

Sister Kathy Warren, retreat director, will lead us through some of the writings of Francis of Assisi in order to discover an ageless wisdom for our contemporary challenges. What might the wisdom of Francis, the 13th century follower of Christ, have to say to the questions we live with in the 21st century? What light might the writings of this “new fool for Christ” shed on the pressing issues of our lives today – as family members, community members and global citizens? How does this soldier turned peacemaker speak to the challenges confronting our world today? These are some of the challenging questions we will work toward answering. We invite you to join us as we seek the timeless insights of St. Francis of Assisi and apply that wisdom to our daily lives here in this time and place in history.

Our retreat director, Franciscan Sister Kathy Warren, OSF (Rochester) is currently a member of her congregational “Franciscan Life in Mission” office and engages in retreats and enrichment opportunities regarding the Franciscan charism. She has a Master’s Degree in Religious Education from Loyola University, Chicago and a Doctor of Ministry degree from the Graduate
Theological Foundation (South Bend, Ind.).

Cost: $450 (Includes room and board, 3 meals a day, snacks, and presenter’s fee) Commuter rate $120. Register by June 22, 2015, with a $50 non-refundable deposit. For more information, contact the Franciscan Life Center at (320) 632-0668 or email:

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